About Miss Melinda


I always dreamt of living my life as a professional Wise Woman, in Service to the community. As a natural born psychic & healer, I was led to Spiritual, Magickal & Metaphysical pursuits from an early age.


Throughout my life, an abundance of family, friends & strangers consistently sought me for comfort, insight & guidance.

While working in the Service industry & submerging myself into the world of Spiritualism, I began providing Readings & Spiritual guidance to co-workers with meaningful results. Influences, experience & opportunity aligned & I began to see myself as the professional Spiritual care-giver that I had always wanted to be. It became clear that I had grown into my calling & could now provide my Services to a wider audience.  

In March of 2015 ‘Miss Melinda’s Metaphysical Services’ was born! In November of 2020, I refocused & revitalized my professional Services, consciously choosing the more simplified name “Miss Melinda”, which I often Work under.

I teach foundational tools for Magick Making, Manifesting, Psychic development, heart centered living, emotional healing & intuitive development from a Universalist perspective.

As a Universalist, I honor the core truth of religions and Spiritual systems throughout time & culture, offering foundational tools & techniques independent from limiting belief systems. 

I offer Spiritual guidance which is accessible, powerful & impactful. I do so in an ethical, heartfelt fashion with love, healing & evolution guiding my practice. 

I feel strongly that welcoming mindfulness & magick into our everyday lives offers us deeper connection to life & to one other.