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Miss Melinda's Metaphysical Services

Greetings ...

If you’re here it’s because you’re seeking deeper truths, more meaning, and spiritual connection. If you’ve always been perceptive, with an inner knowing that others may find strange, even annoying. If you get glimpses of strong intuition, or psychic connection, but you aren’t sure how to tap into that further.... If you have a deep longing to put this puzzle together, to feel more deeply, to understand more. If you find that life is boring unless you’re living your best life and growing as a human. If you love nurturing others, but know you have to nurture yourself first... then Welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

My name is Miss Melinda. I’m a Professional Priestess & Mystic Guide currently residing in Austin, Texas. I founded Miss Melinda's Metaphysical Services in 2015 & have been happily sprinkling magick & mindfulness all around ever since! I love teaching foundational techniques for magick making, intuitive awareness, psychic growth & psychic management.

Witch Biz Coaching

I nurture small business owners, teaching spiritual and energetic techniques for business growth and self care. Combining practical experience with magickal know-how, I create a framework for you and your project to expand in new ways. The tools I share with you have built my own foundations as a successful business owner since 2015. You don’t have to do this alone! Allow me to hold space for your solutions and open potentials for joyful growth. I teach you to receive, not resist. I teach you to flow, not force.

Witch Biz Coaching offers practical experience combined with magickal know-how, teaching spiritual and energetic techniques for business growth and self care.
Magickal Mentorship offers one-on-one instruction for spell constructing and spell casting with a Professional Priestess

Magickal Mentorship

Learn first hand from a pro! Whether you're casting your very first spell, or seeking to branch out into more advance spell practice, I've got your back! In this 45 minute video session, I offer you one-on-one instruction for spell constructing and spell casting. Come to the session prepared with your tools, or seek my guidance in gathering the appropriate tools & ingredients. I am prepared to assist you in any step of the process.
Offered a this low, introductory price for a limited time!


 What I do....

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 Popular Sessions

I deliver compassionate Coaching and Teaching providing life path inspirations, frameworks for overcoming intensive
challenges and positive guidance for revelatory transformations.

I’m here for you, teaching step by step actions to connect with your inborn psychic & spiritual potential as a human!
I break the Work up into bite size pieces that are easy to chew & offer significant transformation. 

Know that when you heal yourself, realign your path, and make a difference within, you ARE healing the world.


"Having several sessions with Miss Melinda was AMAZING! It helped me to build on the experience and knowledge of the previous sessions to open up my clairvoyance in a way that is STILL resonating! If you want to develop your intuition or expand your psychic abilities in a gentle yet powerfully resonant way, booking a series with Miss Melinda is the way to go!"

Madame Pamita

-Parlour of Wonders

"So there is this super magical, metaphysical master: Miss Melinda. Her energy is simply Divine. She is like a warm sunbeam, like an inspirational whisper in your mind. I continue to be delighted by her wisdom, her brightness and her joy. Check her out - she is offering Spiritual coaching that is amazing."


James Divine

- The Divine Hand Palmistry

“I didn't have a specific question and asked for General Reading which I'm so happy that I did. Miss Melinda picked up immediately what I secretly think about a lot and confirmed to me how I was feeling and the energies surrounding the situation as well. I loved the added energy of the reading! Thank you so much for your intuitive gift Miss Melinda it was very helpful!”


-Nightbird Enchanted

Don't know where to start?

Book a Discovery Call!

Know you want to get started, but aren't sure where to begin? Start here!
Book a 20 minute, complimentary phone consultation. Together we'll create a plan for your important goals & highest good! 


Discovery call complimentary phone consultation for planning your important goals

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