About Miss Melinda

Miss Melinda Metaphysical is a professional magick maker, a Spiritual teacher and a steward of American folk traditions. As a Pagan Universalist with a background in anthropology and comparative religion, she honors the connected nature of traditions throughout time, culture and space. Making magick accessible for everyday life and Illuminating the natural Spiritual connection within all of us, is her aim!

As  a  naturally  gifted  psychic,  Miss  Melinda is a Spiritual Channel

and   Intuitive   Empath   with   psychic    knowing   and an insightful

relationship   with   the   Divine.  She   is a  gentle and kind, sensitive

and   nurturing    spirit  who   will  give  you   accurate   and   truthful

information in a no-nonsense way.



Miss Melinda has always been interested in magick and Spirituality

and  began  studying  these  topics  in  High  School.  She  was lucky

enough  to  have  a  librarian  who  gave  her  the  keys to  the secret

book  room  and  completely nurtured her arcane interests. Coming

from  Amish  folks  (her  grandma  left  the  Mennonite religion as a

teenager)  and a hard,  working, rural conservative background- she

had    to   learn    this    stuff   on   her   own!   Her   psychic   abilities,

interactions  with  the unseen world, and propensity toward magick

have  been with her  since a small child and have never left. It is her

strong  belief   that   she  has  carried  these  things  forward  from  a

previous life.

Working to understand and develop these natural tendencies have shaped her life’s path and purpose! She has spent 15 years learning as an initiate in a formal, Goddess driven Coven. The last 7 years have brought her to Spiritualism and Esperitismo, although her core beliefs remain Universalist.

Today, Miss Melinda is grateful to be doing exactly what she loves and to help others along the way!



"Thank you again Miss Melinda for getting me through a very difficult time in my life, getting me back on my feet and for giving me a new perspective that allowed me to regain my inner strength and rebuild myself in accordance with my authenticity.”


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