Clouds 6


I'm Miss Melinda & I believe we can create a better world one step at a time. Is it cliche? Yes. Is it true? Yes. 

We must address our healing, face our shadow & tune into our intuition. We must once again become embodied, fierce, wild creatures who gaze at the moon, watch the clouds for signs, and whisper to creatures in the woods. 

We must allow the light to seek in through the cracks of our hearts and allow our vulnerability to pour out. We must heal ourselves so that the world may be healed. 

Emotional intelligence has been largely lost in the modern world. This leaves us bereft of self trust, disconnected from our intuition, and questioning the validity of our very lives, searching for meaning, purpose & fulfillment. But there is a way.

I believe in us. I believe in human evolution & I believe Spiritual & psychic evolution are the key to a better future. 

I've been put here to do this Work & so I do this Work. 


I’m a Professional Priestess & Spiritual consultant providing guidance, teaching & Readings. 

I teach foundational tools for Magick Making, Manifesting, Psychic development, heart centered living, emotional healing & intuitive development from a Universalist perspective. 

Clouds 6


"Thank you again Miss Melinda for getting me through a very difficult time in my life, getting me back on my feet and for giving me a new perspective that allowed me to regain my inner strength and rebuild myself in accordance with my authenticity.”