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Meet Miss Melinda

I am a teacher because I spent my life becoming one. I am a Spiritual Channel and psychic Working to bring magick into the mundane while illuminating the natural Spiritual & Psychic connection present within us.
My name is Miss Melinda. I have a Leo Sun, Aries Moon & Aries Rising. I am a professional Priestess providing guidance, teaching & magick-making from a Universalist perspective. I feel strongly that welcoming mindfulness & magick into our everyday lives offers us deeper connection to life & to one other.
As a natural born psychic & healer, I was led to Mystical pursuits at an early age. Working to understand and develop my own natural tendencies has shaped my life’s path and purpose. It blossomed into a personal tool for healing & empowerment & then stuck as a lifelong passion! It was later in life that I recognized this path as a calling, rather than a personal interest.
My calling allows me to create sacred space for nurturing others & guiding them in their own healing, spiritual evolution & personal growth. It allows me to provide concrete tools and techniques which accelerates personal growth within individuals. These are the things I love most about my Work! I believe firmly that doing our best to better ourselves makes the world a better place & that this time on Earth is a time for great healing & Spiritual Evolution as a species. These things start within the individual & each person that I encounter along my own path is one piece of the larger puzzle. We are each one wave within the sea.
It was always my dream to live life as a professional Witch, in Service to the community. While working in the Service industry & submerging myself into the world Spiritualism, I began providing more formalized Readings & Spiritual guidance to co-workers with meaningful results. It was then that the stars aligned & I began to see myself as the professional Spiritual care-giver I always wanted to be. It became clear that I had grown into my calling.
Miss Melinda’s Metaphysical Services was founded in 2015.
Today, I’m grateful to be doing exactly what I love and to help others along the way!

As a Universalist, I honor the core truth of religions & Spiritual systems throughout time & culture, offering techniques independent from limiting belief systems. The Spiritual tools I teach you will stick, because they’re derived from the core foundation of all Spiritual and magickal practice. Your belief system is personal to you, the tools to practice a deeper connection are timeless and Universal. Personal truth is the only truth and I’ll guide you to this on the path of the Mystic. 

I offer Spiritual guidance which is accessible, powerful & impactful. I do so in an ethical, heartfelt way with love, healing & spiritual evolution guiding my practice. I teach foundational tools for Magick, Manifesting, Psychic development, heart centered living, emotional healing & intuitive development. I am intent upon assisting others to lead healthy, happy, balanced and fulfilling lives. It is my mission to enrich my own life as well as the lives of others through this Work. Clearing paths to aligned dreams & purpose is something I specialize in!
Thank you for being here! Don’t be shy, please contact me if you have questions. I look forward to meeting you!

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Education & More...

I have a background in Mental Health & hold degrees in cultural anthropology and comparative religion. I spent 15 years learning as an initiate in a formal, Goddess driven Coven and several years learning in a Spiritualist community. I am trauma informed, compassionate & down to earth. My life has been dedicated to Mystic Pursuits & Spiritual education.

As an experienced instructor I have an established reputation and circle of colleagues in the Austin, Texas area, as well as a reputable online presence within a wide circle. I am teacher & Priestess of Mystic Academy, an ever-expanding online school of Spiritual, metaphysical & psychic development, in addition to on-going collaboration as an instructor and Reader with several local organizations. 

Since 1991 my areas of study include Wicca, European Witchcraft, Core Shamanism, Indigenous American traditions, Spiritualism & Esperitismo, Buddhism, Hinduism, & multicultural American folk traditions - to name a few. 

I am happily married since 2011 and in service as a comfort human to Zola (my black cat). I am an aspiring author, a community garden organizer & a volunteer caregiver for at risk shelter kittens. In my free time I enjoy reading, painting, hiking & swimming. 


What People Are Saying

" I have known Melinda for around 15 years. Not only is she a bright and loving individual, she is exceptionally gifted spiritually. She is a naturally gifted witch and highly intuitive person and practitioner. She also has years of personal experience, personal studies and education on a variety of spiritual topics and paths. She gives of her time and expertise to those seeking to better themselves spiritually. Her sweet and calming spirit will set your mind at ease while giving you the confidence needed to take the next step with addressing life's complexities from a spiritual vantage point."


"Miss Melinda has been my spiritual advisor, consultant and practitioner since 2017.  She has helped me work on and develop two specific areas of my life over that time: love and career. She has opened pathways for me and I am now in a happy, loving and supportive relationship. I also have a permanent, well paid position working on exciting research projects. I am so grateful to Miss Melinda for all her work and support. She is a very powerful spiritual worker, with a unique talent to effect change and make things happen. I cannot recommend her highly enough and I wouldn’t work with anyone else. She has my utmost respect and gratitude."


I feel absolutely powerful and unstoppable!! I can see my life changing and evolving. My self control and confidence is at an all time high! I finally see the value of ME!  I've realized the power of my thoughts!! I've realized so many things through your teachings and practices that has really helped me to survive!!! Thank you so very much for the years of amazing work you've done on my behalf!! I honestly don't know if I would even be around had it not been for you!! Much love Miss Melinda!"


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