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Interviews & Podcasts

Check out some of the fun conversations I've had with other mystics, psychics and magickal humans!

Girl Gang Craft

Join me as I share the importance of having a strong and supportive community and how I took my natural born gift and turned it into a successful business!

Divine Hand Jim's Meet-A-Mystic

I provide guidance, teaching, and magick from a Universalist perspective with an emphasis on Spiritual connection, healing & psychic development.

Madame Pamita's Magic Q&A Tea Party

My guest appearance on Madame Pamita's Magic Q&A Tea Party

YouTube Interviews & Hangouts

My guest appearances with Mystic Village, Christelle Martinette, The Angel of Abundance and more.

A Collection of Spirit Chat Lives

A selection from the retired Spirit Chat Lives series, a Sacred Space where I answered your questions about all things magickal, mystical & Spiritual.

Magick Workings by WitchyMade

Read my interview on the Magick Workings by WitchyMade blog.

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