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Queen of coins financial abundance and money wellness workshop

We are spirits living as humans - we wouldn’t be here if we weren’t supposed to learn the lessons of the material world. Start creating a reciprocal, lasting relationship with the Spirit of Money now!

Honor and nurture your relationship to the spirit of money & actively create a more abundant and fulfilling life. This relationship is sacred. Make it a loving relationship. 

This fun and powerful workshop blasts through Money Blocks!

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Learn how honoring and nurturing your relationship to the spirt of money will allow you to actively create a more abundant and fulfilling life for yourself. This is a sacred relationship, it is a loving relationship and it goes in hand with your self worth, and your relationship to love

What folks are saying about Queen of Coins .....

"The biggest change that I have seen in the material world is my credit score. Remember, I haven't even completed the steps and already my credit has increased. Before I started the Queen of Coins, my score was either declining or staying the same, but in just 3 weeks my credit scores have gone up. To me that is amazing and I cannot recommend this workshop enough! Thank you Miss Melinda!"

"Your Queen of Coins helped me raise my credit score and my partner's by a lot. We were both able to purchase new vehicles (his dream vehicle). I bought my very first brand new care, in my name only! I've never done that before. So thank you, thank you, thank you!"

“I have only just begun the Queen of Coins workshop, but already I have real noticeable improvements. Although I haven’t worked through all the steps yet, my attitude towards money and finances has begun to change. I have realized that I have a lot of fear surrounding money and I am working through this to improve my financial health."

“You really helped me in changing my relationship with money! To help you understand, both of our credit scores were in the 500s. His is now almost 800 and mine is over 700. I had a larger financial neglect hurdle to climb over, but I did. I stopped being so damn afraid and really started healing. I feel like I’ve really had a huge breakthrough.“

Queen of Coins

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