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Featured Sessions

In a 30 minute phone Reading you have the opportunity to dig deeply into your chosen topic, or address multiple topics. As the Reading unfolds you may ask multiple questions and gain detailed clarification.


I offer Spiritual guidance which is accessible, powerful & impactful. I do so in an ethical, heartfelt fashion with love, healing & spiritual evolution guiding my practice.

Are you ready to manifest the love that you desire & deserve? Do you wish you had magickal, emotional and energetic support to help guide you? Are you ready to put in the work to learn powerful techniques to transform your love life? Cast a  Love Bewitchment with me!

Are you an experienced magick maker looking to develop your psychic gifts? Or an energy worker interested in reviving your connection? Are you a seasoned psychic who would like to learn how to shift your energetic reality? Mystic Journey Sessions are a powerful asset to your personal practice!

Are you ready to manifest abundant money? Would you benefit from spiritual guidance and money magick? Are you ready to put in the work and learn powerful techniques to transform your financial situation? Cast a powerful Money Enchantment with me!

Are you a novice at magick and looking to deepen your practice? Are you interested in learning how to practice energy work and mysticism? Do you desire to learn first hand from a pro? Psychic Development Coaching Sessions will help reveal your path and begin walking it with confidence!

Are you ready to go deeper with your Spiritual Development? Do you need someone to hold space & gently guide you through your Shadow Work? Are you ready for tools that will bring big impact and long lasting change to your life? Delve deep into your Spiritual growth through Spiritual Coaching Sessions with me!

Revisioning School



Every month

Go deeper with workshops & live group learnings

Valid until canceled

Miss Melinda has dedicated 30 years to the study of tarot and has been a lifelong researcher and practitioner of intuitive and psychic development. Since March of 2015 she has operated a thriving practice and is a well-known Tarot Reader and professional Priestess in the Austin, Texas area and virtually.


Miss Melinda was a featured Tarot Reader at the infamous 1st annual Austin Witchfest, which occurred in early March of 2020 and hosted over 3,000 people from around the world. Miss Melinda’s Reading booth was one of the most popular present. Here she delivered more than 50 Readings and had a wait list of over 200 hundred.

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